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Timeshare Advocacy International, LLC

is a consumer rights group that focuses solely on timeshare cancellation within the timeshare industry because of blatant fraud, misrepresentation, and lies that often pressure consumers into unnecessarily purchasing an expensive timeshare contract. We are the leaders in Timeshare Cancellation.

It does not matter where you purchased, what you own, or how long ago you purchased your timeshare. We can help everyone by providing a free initial consultation of your specific situation. Our customer service reps have decades of timeshare industry experience and understand exactly what you are going through. Call us to find out just what sets us apart from the competition. Before you potentially spend thousands to a resale company, or a company that claims they can take your deed from you, talk to one of our timeshare cancellation professionals.


Best In The Industry

We are an “A” rated company with the BBB who serve to help timeshare owners who may have been scammed into the purchase of their timeshare.


Years of Repeated Success

As a company, we have worked with over 24,000 timeshare owners who have fell victim to timeshare scams. With those 24,000 owners, we have had a 93.5% timeshare cancellation success rate.


100 % Free Consultation

We believe that timeshare owners deserve the right to hear all of their options for free. We offer a completely free initial consultation to hear if you might have been scammed into the purchase of your timeshare. Our goal is to battle the timeshare scams industry and help as many owners as possible.


Defeating The Industry

In July TAI finally won a two year long court battle against the largest timeshare company in the world. Their goal was to bankrupt TAI hoping that the case would never get to trial. It took a jury less than 45 minutes to vote not guilty on all counts.

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Gary & Linda Hamm

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Timeshare Advocacy International:guaranteed me that they would help me get out of this contract or my money back. They stepped us through what we needed to do; who to call or write to; how to behave on the phone, etc. They finally cancelled our contract.

Marisa & Dennis C

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Its nice to know…:there are still some honest people out there who really want to help you & not scam you. I would recommend this company to anyone who is trying to get rid of their timeshare. They worked with me every step of the way & always called me back if I had a question on anything. Again THANKS SO MUCH.


Our Guarantee

Our Guarantee

We back up our word in our contract. We understand that the timeshare company has let you down. That is why at TAI we back up our word in our contract to help timeshare owners feel at ease that we will cancel your contract or we will return 100 percent of your money. We have pasted below the excerpt in our contract that clearly states that you will receive a 100 percent money back guarantee. REFUND POLICY: All timeshare cancellations occurring after date entering this contract constitute a release secured by Timeshare Advocacy International, LLC. Should we not secure the timeshare cancellation, termination rescission, or release within the term of this Agreement Timeshare Advocacy International, LLC will refund 100% of your money.

Proven Cancellation Plan

Whether you just purchased your timeshare, or have been paying increasingly high maintenance fees for years, we can help you by providing a free, no risk, and no obligation consultation. Our experts have decades of experience in the timeshare industry and we want to help answer your questions about our timeshare cancellation process. Other timeshare cancellation companies make promises about cancelling your contract, but oftentimes these companies believe that forcing you into foreclosure on your timeshare counts as a cancellation. Foreclosure will seriously damage your credit.


Deed Transfer Plan

This service allows timeshare owners who have paid off their timeshare and are current on their maintenance fees to transfer the ownership to another person. This service is perfect if the owner no longer uses their timeshare, they do not want their children to have to deal with it, or if they are tired of the rising costs.


Timeshare Resale Counseling

TAI does offer counseling service to ensure that the resale company a timeshare owner is considering is legit. The scary truth about the resale industry is that there are VERY few resale companies that actually do what they claim to do. Most will scam you out of thousands by pretending to have a buyer for your timeshare even though it has never been listed. The overwhelming majority of these companies are fly by the night companies that are nothing more than listing companies. TAI works hard to educate our clients concerning resale. If you have been approached by a resale company, call TAI to validate the company prior to signing a contract.


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