Timeshare Cancellation Rescission Periods How long do you have to cancel your timeshare after purchase?


Every state in the USA passes its own laws regarding the amount of time you have after buying a timeshare property to return it for a full refund. The process of returning an unwanted timeshare shortly after purchasing is known as a Timeshare Rescission, or rescinding. The timeshare rescission process refers directly to the interval of time that is legally allowed to pass before you can no longer return a timeshare contract, or change your mind about your recent timeshare purchase. The ability to return an unwanted timeshare shortly after purchasing is not something your timeshare salesperson is likely to mention, but it is built into every state’s laws or legal code as a protection for consumers; some people also tend to refer to this time as the “cooling off period” following the purchase. This time period is much like the one(s) offered for many major purchases such as a car and a new home.


Timeshare Advocacy International, LLC will be adding all the state’s rescission periods for you to review. If you have any questions, just go to contact us and email your question and timeshareaide.com will do the proper research and reply according.


* Some states calculate their rescission times in business days and others DO NOT. Be certain to clerify with your state as to whether their rescission period business or calendar day !


Alaska – 15 days
Arkansas – 5 days
Arizona – 7 days
California – 7 days
Colorado – 5 days
Connecticut – 72 hours
Florida – 10 days
Georgia – 7 days, excluding weekends and holidays
Hawaii – 7 days
Illinois – 5 days
Indiana – 72 hours, excluding Sundays and legal holidays
Iowa – 5 days
Kentucky – 5 business days – must be postmarked before midnight of fifth business day
Louisiana – 7 days
Maine – 10 days
Maryland – 10 days
Massachusetts – 3 days
Michigan – 5 days
Minnesota – 5 days
Missouri – 7 business days – must be postmarked before midnight of seventh business day. A business day in Missouri is “Any day other than a Saturday, Sunday, or legal holiday.”
Nevada – 5 days
New Hampshire – 5 days
New Jersey – 7 days
New Mexico – 7 days
New York – 7 days
North Carolina – 5 days
Ohio – 3 days
Oregon – 5 days
Pennsylvania – 5 days
Rhode Island – 5 business days
South Carolina – 5 days
South Dakota – 7 days
Tennessee – 10 days
Texas – 5 days
Utah – 5 days
Virginia – 7 days
Washington – 7 days
West Virginia – 10 days
Wisconsin – 5 business days


Timeshare Advocacy International, LLC will be adding to this list and giving additional resources for owners and perspective owners wanting to do their research prior to purchase.

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